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IT Conferences & Workshops

Go Beyond The Typical IT Conference With NOREX

Virtual technology Roundtable discussions (not your typical webinar) and live IT Roundtable events connect you with your peers.

NOREX hosts over 75 moderated virtual IT events and live IT conferences (Roundtables) and Workshops every year for all different types of technology positions and leaders. These Roundtables and candid IT peer discussions allow Information Technology professionals to engage in frank conversations about their field and build long-term networking relationships among local, regional, and national thought leaders and innovators. For an example, check out our offerings for specific CIO events!

If you miss out, don’t worry — event IT transcripts, chat logs, and executive summaries are available.

Client Testimonials

“NOREX events are where I discover what questions others are asking and learn about areas that I haven’t been paying attention to, but should be.” – CTO

“NOREX just paid for itself in the first week!” – CIO

“Success used to be implementing what we do not know with what we do know. Today it is implementing what we do not know with what we do not know. The ability to share and learn from our peers is more important than ever. I’m glad we have NOREX to help us all on the journey.”DIRECTOR, ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE

“I’ve been a NOREX Member with three different organizations because of the value their resources bring to my IT teams.” – CIO

What Makes NOREX IT Events Special?

What makes our events special is the
lack of salespeople and vendor influence! 

NOREX sessions are 100% peer-driven, solely focused on education and networking.

If you’ve ever attended a conference, you know that some of the most meaningful conversations happen during meals and in hallway conversations. Skip sponsored events where everyone’s trying to sell you something and join NOREX where we get right to the heart of the matter with engaging, peer-driven discussions that are professionally moderated.

Key Benefits Of Attending NOREX IT Conferences

Whether live or virtual,
IT conferences play a vital role in professional development as a platform to help you stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the rapidly evolving field of information technology. 

NOREX members are IT professionals interested in working with industry peers to solve problems, save time, avoid costly mistakes, and create an environment where everyone thrives.

Sign up and tune in for: 

  • Insightful discussions about the latest industry trends
  • Candid best practice knowledge-sharing
  • Small-group skill-building and learning sessions
  • Thought leadership symposiums
    Collective problem-solving
  • IT professional networking opportunities

Can’t make an event due to a busy schedule? No worries — simply catch up with IT conference transcripts, chat logs, and executive summaries at your leisure.

Types Of IT Conferences Offered By NOREX

As a NOREX Member, you receive access to unlimited events, including:

  • Virtual Roundtables: multiple topics, typically held once per month, 3 hours
  • Virtual Roundtable 55s: 1 topic per session, typically held twice a week, 55 minutes
  • Virtual Deep Dive 55s: small-group highly focused discussions, 55 minutes
  • Virtual International Roundtable: multi-topic, Member presentation, breakout sessions, 5 hours Live Roundtables: multi-topic, 1 day
  • Live International Roundtable: multi-topic, Member presentations, breakout sessions, social outing, 3-day marquee event

IT Leadership Conferences

NOREX events gather
IT leaders and provides CIO conferences, events for CTOs, and operations directors — to discuss important topics affecting our industry, such as:

  • Change management
  • Cloud strategies
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data loss prevention
  • Disaster recovery
  • Incident management
  • IT budgeting
  • Resource planning strategies
  • Tool-specific training and implementation tips
  • Vendor selection

Network, Share, And Learn

NOREX events feature agendas that are participant-driven. Dialogue is moderated. To ensure objectivity and honesty, vendors may not sponsor or attend. All information technology events are included in your NOREX membership – no extra fees.

Virtual Events

NOREX hosts monthly half-day virtual Roundtables that cover a variety of subjects and twice weekly 55-minute virtual Roundtable 55 events that focus on topics related directly to your organization’s IT efforts.

Live Events

Our live Roundtables offer candid, collaborative “share and learn” discussions on trending IT topics and issues with breakout and small-group sessions. Some of the best discussions happen at meals and during breaks.

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Events For Everyone In IT

Your schedule is packed – that’s why we make it easy to find events that are relevant for your field of expertise.

Get valuable insights from leaders who have tackled the same issues you handle every day and problems that may be on the horizon. And while you’re here, check out what our specific CIO events offer!

Ensure your organization’s IT infrastructure is secure now and ready for the future with learning from peers who have done it all.

Go beyond the basics and build an effective vendor management process that works while saving money.

Whether it’s hardware, software, or networking, our virtual and live sessions offer plenty of insights to help avoid costly missteps.

Learn how leaders in IT have help organizations scale up while taking advantage of the capabilities of the Cloud.

Harness the power of data and discover how people like you have gotten actionable insights from mountains of information.

Get insights that can help streamline your software development process, from conceptualization through deployment and maintenance.

Discover how your peers have handled complex IT projects and how they manage their technology portfolios.


Join Us For An Upcoming Event

The NOREX IT community welcomes guest participants. No IT vendors permitted. Simply click on the button to review the event calendar and request a guest pass.


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What should I consider when choosing a NOREX IT event?

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Consider relevance to your field, agenda alignment with your goals, the topic of the peer presentations, and the value of networking opportunities.

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How can I effectively network during technology conferences?

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You can effectively network and make meaningful connections by initiating conversations, using elevator intros, engaging in breakout sessions, and following up post-event.

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What are some strategies to get the most out of tech events?

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Plan ahead, participate actively, attend Deep Dive 55 follow-up discussions,, engage with Member presenters, connect on social media, and leverage post-event resources to benefit from learning and networking.

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How can I benefit from virtual IT events?

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Virtual IT conferences offer many of the same benefits as live events, which you can maximize by taking notes, participating in polls, utilizing chat, Q&A, and engaging on social media.

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How can I apply what I've learned at a technology Roundtable to my job?

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Share IT conference insights with colleagues, implement new strategies, adopt emerging technologies, use learned methods to solve challenges, and reach out to contacts for guidance and collaboration.

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Yes! At NOREX, we offer a wide array of conferences and events and we also offer specific CIO events. In offering specific events like these, we help ensure all levels of IT can take from the learnings and experience of our Members.

Want to attend or present? Contact us to learn more.

NOREX Hosts Events For Every Professional

NOREX events align with a wide range of professional interests. No matter your needs or areas of focus, we give you the opportunity to connect with top-level executives and other industry leaders who are eager to share all they’ve learned over the decades. NOREX events are a unique opportunity to have your pressing questions featured and addressed by your peers.

Getting The Most Out Of NOREX IT Events

Attending additional events like Deep Dive 55s complement your experience by offering hands-on learning opportunities and an opportunity to get into the weeds on specific topics. These events have smaller audiences, enabling more direct interactions with experts and fellow attendees. 

Deep Dive 55s can provide practical skills and insights that you can apply directly to your work, enhancing the overall value you gain from the event.

To get the most out of NOREX IT events, we recommend that you:

  • Take a proactive approach: Before the event, review the agenda, and research Member presenters to identify potential areas where you can contribute. During the event, identify individuals you’d like to follow up with after the event. Our Event Team will pass along the request to your NOREX Member Success Manager to facilitate the networking connection.
  • Practice your personal elevator intro: Prepare a concise introduction that highlights your professional background, skills, and what you hope to achieve at the event. This helps initiate conversations and help ensure you get your important questions answered.
  • Engage in sessions: Actively participate, asking thoughtful, open-ended questions and engaging in discussions. This not only showcases your experience, but also helps you absorb more knowledge and creates opportunities for networking with like-minded professionals.
  • Attend breakout sessions: At the Virtual and Live International Roundtables, attend the breakout sessions to gain in-depth learning experiences and allow for more focused interactions with fellow participants.
  • Diversify your agenda: Attend sessions on a variety of topics, even those slightly outside your area of expertise. This broadens your knowledge base and introduces you to professionals from different IT domains.


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