CIO Leadership & Strategy Events

NOREX virtual and live CIO events help leaders like you create a culture of innovation and align IT strategy with your organization’s goals. We’ve all seen what happens when there’s inadequate alignment between objectives and IT strategy – solutions that were supposed to help become a burden and technology-oriented decisions and purchases become more difficult as a result.

Avoid “shiny object syndrome” and make better decisions for your organization.

If you work in technology, you’re always interested in what’s new – it’s just the nature of the work. With NOREX CIO conferences, you can learn how your peers have effectively implemented the impact of various technology initiatives and see how they’ve measured their organizational success.

Additionally, you can learn how leaders like you have helped executives across their organization understand cybersecurity risks, implement proven mitigation practices, and crafted effective response plans to a broad variety of scenarios.

Best of all, NOREX doesn’t allow vendor participation in any of its events. This means you won’t have to sit through a pitch disguised as a presentation or waste your time dealing with someone trying to sell you something. You’ll learn from the best in the business — people just like you.

Virtual and live IT CIO events.

NOREX hosts half-day virtual and live Roundtables that cover a variety of subjects. Our twice weekly 55-minute virtual Roundtable 55 events offer focused looks at topics related directly to your organization’s IT efforts. Whether virtual or live, NOREX Roundtable events offer a collaborative “share and learn” discussion format on trending IT topics and issues with professional moderation. Vendors are not allowed to participate or sponsor.

Topics covered at NOREX CIO events include:

  • Employee Onboarding & Offboarding
  • IT Asset Management / Digital Asset Management
  • IT Budgeting & Planning
  • IT Department KPIs
  • Talent Recruitment, Management, and Retention
  • Role of the CIO
  • Supporting a Remote / Hybrid Workforce
  • Vendor Management

Learn more about everything we have to offer for virtual and in-person CIO conferences we hold throughout the year. And, if you have any additional questions, contact us today!

Past Event Examples

EVENT DATE : June 28, 2022
CIO – IT Department KPIs (CV080)
Metrics shared with Executive Leadership to show IT department’s value, common KPIs tracked, performance-level KPIs tracked other than MTTA and MTTR, creating a balanced scorecard for infrastructure, help desk and application development, total t...
EVENT DATE : November 15, 2022
CIO – Building a Cybersecurity Culture (CV081)
Current pain points around cybersecurity; layering cybersecurity education; partners used for immutable backups; offering cybersecurity education when onboarding new employees; MFA methods in use to safeguard users and for audits; cybersecurity p...

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