How do we begin a NOREX membership?

Simply sign a basic Service Agreement and receive immediate access to NOREX resources! Contact us at info@norex.net to request a quote and Service Agreement.

What does the NOREX membership fee cover?

NOREX Members receive unlimited access to the NOREX resources including the Document Resources online database of 2,500+ Member-contributed documents, live and virtual Roundtable events, and resource / networking assistance from your Member Success Manager. There are no extra charges per document, per event, or per hour.

Who has access?

All authorized users in your organization.

How are NOREX services accessed?

Members may email or call during normal business hours (Central Time) to connect with your NOREX Member Success Manager for personal assistance. Online resources and event registration are available 24/7 at norex.net.

How do we know we will use NOREX services?

Our strong renewal rate suggests that your organization will use NOREX services a great deal. Your Member Success Manager will contact you to proactively onboard your team. Usage reports are available.

Are there obligations of NOREX membership?

Every NOREX Member is encouraged to help other Members whenever possible by submitting documents, taking an occasional phone call, and by participating in events. However, knowing the time and / or disclosure restraints faced by some, there is no requirement to contribute. One Member describes it this way, “As a result of the value we receive from NOREX Members, we jump at the chance to help other Members whenever there is an opportunity.”

Will we get calls from other NOREX Members?

Only with your permission. Your contact information is never given to another Member without your expressed approval.

Can we sample NOREX services?

We are happy to provide sample documents to you, and you are welcome to participate in NOREX events as a guest before committing to a membership. We also invite you to discuss the benefits of membership with current NOREX Members. Contact your Regional Manager to make your requests.

How does NOREX differ from competitors?

NOREX connects Members with fellow IT professionals, not analysts or vendors. The information exchanged takes on a practical perspective. Members receive actionable information backed by real-world insight, versus forecasts and white papers developed by analysts.

Will NOREX sell our name to vendors?

Absolutely not! All information given to NOREX is held in the strictest of confidence.

Not Finding The Answers You’re Looking For?

The NOREX Team is available to answer any questions you may have to help you make the decision in joining our IT Community.