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An Extension Of Your Team

“EPIC! This is exactly the type of stuff I was looking for, and I think it’ll help drive some of the IT Service initiatives forward. Thanks for your time and attention to detail!” CYBERSECURITY MANAGER, TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY

NOREX Members are assigned a Member Success Manager who is your go-to person for connecting you with NOREX resources. Think of your MSM as an extension of your Team. In addition to facilitating 1-on-1 IT peer networking, your MSM will: 

  • Locate the best Member-contributed templates to help accelerate your initiatives. Your MSM can even put you in touch with the author of the template.
  • Provide relevant Roundtable 55 discussion transcripts that you can mine for golden nuggets.
  • Take care of event registration.
  • Proactively follow up with you regarding current projects and initiatives – and send you relevant templates, past event discussion transcripts, and upcoming event invites.

Contact us today to see how our team can assist you with information technology needs. We have an extensive IT document library providing everything you need to expand your IT opportunities. Check out our sample selection of premium IT documents, IT toolkits and IT event transcripts today!

Additionally, we also offer ongoing live IT events and virtual IT conferences available too!

What Our Members Are Saying

Our entire IT staff has access to all NOREX services for a single nominal fee that is a fraction of what an equivalent service from Gartner and others would cost for one seat.”

“I’ve been a NOREX Member with three different organizations because of the value their resources bring to my IT teams.”

“NOREX events are where I discover what  questions others are asking and learn about areas that I haven’t been paying attention to but should be.” 

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