Virtual IT Conferences & Events

Virtual conferences and workshops

Virtual events where peers speak, not vendors.

No more webinars where 10 minutes of advice is offset by a half-hour sales pitch. NOREX offers intense, learning-oriented Virtual conferences (Roundtables) and Workshops with in-depth discussions about what matters for your organization. We also provide live IT conferences and workshops as well. Check out our full IT events calendar to see which information technology conference works best for you and your team and take advantage of a free guest pass!

We host regular Virtual Roundtables that allow you to have the kind of candid peer-to-peer discussions that solve problems and build long-term relationships with those within and outside your specialty and industry.

With NOREX membership, you get unlimited access to:

  • Virtual Roundtable 55s: 1 topic per session, 55 minutes, typically held twice a week
  • Virtual Roundtables:  3 hours, typically held once per month
  • Virtual International Roundtable:  2-day event
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C-suite Members and industry leaders share insights that can help you chart your business’s future while making sure the present is secure.

NOREX helps you stay ahead of the curve by connecting with peers who can give you practical advice about IT security and risk management for the enterprise.

The procurement process and vendor management can be challenging, but insights from NOREX IT peers can help you save time and money.

Whether it’s hardware, software, or networking, our Virtual Roundtables feature experiences from peers who have “been there, done that” willing to help you learn how to prevent downtime.

NOREX Virtual Roundtables feature leaders in IT that can help your organization truly take advantage of the capabilities of the Cloud.

Learn how your peers in analytics, document management, and much more have streamlined their enterprise’s BI and data management efforts.

Get insights from NOREX peers that have tackled every aspect of the software development process, from design through deployment and beyond.

Discover how your peers have handled complex IT projects and how they manage their technology portfolios.


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The NOREX IT community welcomes guest participants. No IT vendors permitted. Simply click on the button to review the event calendar and request a guest pass.


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