Live IT Conferences & Events

Live IT conference workshops

Events that put you in the room with your peers, not vendors.

Avoid events packed with people trying to sell you something. Our intense, learning-oriented live Roundtables feature robust discussions about the things that matter to your organization. Vendors are not allowed to participate or sponsor. Some of the best discussions happen during breaks and at meals.

In addition to live IT conferences, we also offer virtual IT conferences and webinars regularly. View our entire IT event calendar today and see which one works best for you and your team. We also offer a complimentary guest pass so you can see just how fantastic our  information technology conferences are, without vendors!

Live IT Events With NOREX

We host a 3-day live International Roundtable and 1-day live Roundtable events that allow you to have the kind of candid peer-to-peer discussions that solve problems and build long-term relationships. Participant-driven agendas maintain focus with the help of a moderator. Attendees can take advantage of topic or industry breakouts and small-group sessions with peers. The absence of vendors and sales pitches ensures greater objectivity and honesty. A dedicated staff  facilitates 1-on-1 networking during and following events. With NOREX membership, you get unlimited access to live Roundtables for no additional cost.

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CIOs and other executives share valuable insights that can help you take care of any of your organization’s present issues and prepare for what may be coming up.

Security and risk mitigation is more important than ever, and NOREX helps you stay ahead of the curve with learning from peers who have seen it all.

Procurement and vendor management can be challenging, but NOREX IT peers can help you save money and streamline your processes.

Whether it’s hardware, software, or networking, our live sessions offer plenty of insights on how to prevent downtime.

NOREX live events can help you discover new ways to take advantage of the capabilities of the Cloud including VoIP, SAAS, and network visibility and control.

There’s more information than ever available to people within the tech world, but are you getting the most out of it?

NOREX peers can help you learn how to streamline your software development process, from conceptualization through deployment and maintenance.

Discover how your peers have handled complex IT projects and how they manage their business technology portfolios.


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The NOREX IT community welcomes guest participants. No IT vendors permitted. Simply click on the button to review the event calendar and request a guest pass.


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