IT Resources

IT Resources

Save time and money with templates, Toolkits, and more from NOREX.

Kickstart your next IT initiative with help from NOREX. Members have contributed 2,500+ working documents to our archive of policies, procedures, security standards, job descriptions, and more. On top of that, Members have access to poll results that can help you make difficult decisions, along with event chat logs and executive summaries.

IT Documents For Every Business Need

You get more than access to a library of documents that can help make your job easier. NOREX can put you in touch with the author! Get help and build your network quickly.

Sample IT Documents & Templates

Find the perfect template to help you get started. Documents available include policies and procedures for every aspect of your organization, business continuity plans, vendor evaluations, asset management, job descriptions, and so much more.

Sample IT Toolkits

NOREX Toolkits are collections of transcripts from Member discussions, Member polls, and example documents that have been voluntarily contributed by NOREX Members for use by others developing similar IT documentation. These comprehensive collections are the best way to get up to speed quickly.

Sample IT Event Transcripts

NOREX produces executive summaries / transcripts for all Roundtable 55 event discussions. Download our transcripts today to see what available and additional elements you could be utilizing from NOREX.

IT Resources For Every Part Of The Enterprise

NOREX’s collection of templates, documents, and Toolkits can help anyone in your organization get more done.

CIO Leadership & Strategy

Learn how other executives and leaders have made decisions and simplified their day-to-day operations. Get access to templates that can help you standardize workflows across the organization and learn how others have built sustainable company cultures.

IT Security, Risk Management, & Governance

Get ahead with everything from single incident reports to in-depth looks at remote employee security.

IT Vendor Management & Service Management

Start your search for a new vendor with NOREX’s poll results, pre-built RFPs, checklists, and event transcripts. Discover how others have streamlined their contracts and avoided difficulties through the engagement. Save time and money and reduce stress.

IT Infrastructure & Operations

Learn how other enterprises tackled infrastructure and operational challenges such as hardware standardization and deployment or the range of issues that come with software updates.

Enterprise Architecture & Cloud

Help your business truly take advantage of the capabilities of the Cloud with in-depth documentation on a wide range of issues and challenges. Discover how your peers have tackled massive projects with transcripts, poll results, and much more.

Data & Business Intelligence

NOREX’s Document Resources make it easy to find insights from BI and analytics experts from businesses of every size. Harness the power of data and discover how people like you have gotten actionable insights from mountains of information.

Application Development & Software Engineering

Find the right framework and platform for your organization’s development efforts with expert documentation. Get insights that can help streamline your software development process – from conceptualization through deployment and maintenance.

IT Project & Portfolio Management

Every project is different, but templates from NOREX can help you get a great start. Take advantage of discussion transcripts and poll results to learn how your fellow managers have handled complex IT projects in the real world.

Upcoming Events

The NOREX IT community welcomes guest participants. No IT vendors permitted. Simply click on the button to review the event calendar and request a guest pass.


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