IT Vendor Management & Service Management

The world of IT vendor management and IT service management is intricate and ever-changing, and that can leave professionals like yourself in the lurch. That’s where a NOREX membership comes in, offering you a platform that lets you connect with your peers while taking advantage of practical resources built by professionals like you, for you.

The NOREX resource library contains thousands of peer-created document templates. These ready-to-use tools are crafted to streamline your operations, from contract negotiation to service level agreements. Moreover, our collection of transcripts from our Virtual Roundtable 55s provide real-life perspectives from seasoned professionals.

NOREX’s Member base understands that while IT vendor and service management have unique challenges, professionals in these roles often encounter some tricky common issues, including:

  1. Vendor Selection: Choosing the right vendor based on reliability, cost, and service quality.
  2. Service Delivery Management: Ensuring services are delivered efficiently and effectively while meeting business requirements.
  3. Contract Negotiation: Striking a balance between favorable terms and maintaining good relationships with vendors.
  4. Risk Management: Identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks in vendor relationships and service delivery.

Learn more about our available IT Vendor Management & Service Management documents by checking out our IT Vendor Best Practices template and our RFP Template. We have thousands of templates and documents available to our Members. Check out all of our additional IT resources.

NOREX is dedicated to supporting you in managing these challenges with a community of peers that can help you along your professional journey.

To learn more about NOREX membership, feel free to review our publicly available sample IT documents and IT toolkits as well as IT event transcripts and select IT resource documents.

We also encourage prospective members to learn more about the NOREX membership by signing up for a free guest pass to one of our IT events.

IT Document Examples

IT Vendor Best Practices
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Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of hundreds of IT professionals just like you. Our IT resources library has thousands of member polls, example documents, and transcripts from member discussions that can help save time and money for your business.


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