IT Project & Portfolio Management

IT projects present their own unique challenges, which means that a lot of the standard project management solutions don’t meet the demands of the technology-centric enterprise. IT projects very wildly in scope, and that means you must deal with such diverse challenges as risk assessment, systems integrations, software updates, and scope creep. With the help of your peers who are part of NOREX, you can find new ways of managing your complex portfolios and projects as well as improve whatß’s currently working well for you and your organization.

NOREX events are vendor-free. This means that you’ll not have to sit through a sales pitch disguised as a presentation or find yourself enduring meeting requests for weeks after one of our professional gatherings. Instead, you’ll be able to learn directly from your peers, whether they’re in the same industry as you or they work in another field entirely. The diversity and free, candid exchange of ideas offered by NOREX can help you save money, energy, and most importantly, time.

Virtual and Live Events For IT Project and Portfolio Management Professionals

NOREX hosts online roundtables that you can attend from anywhere. Our regular Roundtable 55 events offer focused looks at topics related directly to your organization’s IT efforts while our half-day virtual events cover a variety of subjects. Live events from NOREX offer collaborative “share and learn” discussions on trending topics and issues within IT along with small-group sessions that let you dive deep into specific topics.

Topics Covered In NOREX Events For IT Project and Portfolio Management include:

  • Creating Gantt Charts, Kanban Boards, and Dashboards
  • Crafting Project Proposals
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design For Success
  • Project Management Tools
  • Implementation and Monitoring

Past Event Examples

EVENT DATE : October 5, 2022
Project Management / PMO

IT Project Managers know that planning is as important as executing. They discuss project management approaches, methodologies, training, collaboration between project managers and scrum masters, project lifecycle, and mor...

Data and Business Intelligence Library

Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of hundreds of IT professionals just like you. Our IT resources library has thousands of member polls, example documents, and transcripts from member discussions that can help save time and money for your business.


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