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Microsoft Teams is widely used for corporate collaboration and communication. As part of the Microsoft 365 suite, it is an indispensable platform that integrates chat, video meetings, file storage, and collaboration on Office documents in a single, Cloud-based application.

Despite its user-friendly design, administrators and users alike may encounter technical challenges that require expert insight.

Microsoft Teams Events

NOREX hosts twice weekly Roundtable 55s, monthly 3-hour Virtual Roundtables, a 5-hour Virtual International Roundtable, and a live 3-day International Roundtable. Whether virtual or live, our Roundtables give you the opportunity to participate in a professionally-moderated “share and learn” discussion format about topics like Microsoft Teams.

During these events, you’ll have the chance to engage in a professional, moderated dialogue about the intricacies of Microsoft Teams. This environment is crafted for sharing practical insights and learning from real-world application, giving you the ability to leverage Teams to its fullest potential.

Topics for our Microsoft Teams-focused Roundtable events have included:

  • Effective Team Collaboration: Strategies for fostering and maintaining high levels of team collaboration within Microsoft Teams.
  • Governance And Lifecycle Management: Best practices for setting up governance policies to manage the lifecycle of Teams, channels, and data.
  • Security And Compliance: Ensuring your Teams deployment meets rigorous security standards and adheres to compliance requirements.
  • Integration And Automation: Utilizing Teams’ capabilities for integrating with other Microsoft 365 services and automating workflows within your organization.

Examples of our IT documents are available regarding Microsoft Teams Governance, Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) Cloud Strategy and our Network & Cloud Security, along with many of others. And remember, Members gain access to our full library of IT documents!

What the industry is talking about ...

During all of our virtual IT events and in-person IT conferences, we aim to find those technology topics which are most relevant, trending topics. Due to this intent focus to drive the most valuable IT topics we can, we end up touching on some very popular topics such as AI, Microsoft 365, Cloud strategies, IT Asset Management, and more! Topics are either  a top priority or a new trending discussion which is on everyone’s list!

Learn more about our featured IT events and topics and be sure to check back often as we’re releasing more and more from our library of thousands of IT documents!

Microsoft Teams Documentation

Our NOREX Resource Library extends beyond live discussions, offering a collection of peer-created documents focused on Microsoft Teams. These resources assist in addressing specific challenges such as:

  • Configuring And Customizing Teams: Detailed guidance on how to tailor Microsoft Teams to fit your organization’s unique needs.
  • Managing Teams And Channels: Insights into the effective management of Teams and channels, including best practices for setup, usage, and organization.
  • Troubleshooting Connectivity And Performance: Solutions for common issues that may impact Teams’ performance or user connectivity.
  • Advanced Features Deployment: Step-by-step assistance on deploying and making the most of Teams’ advanced features like live events, large meetings, and more.

NOREX provides a space where IT professionals can share their experiences, gain valuable knowledge, and discuss the challenges they face with Microsoft Teams in a vendor-free, peer-driven environment. Our resources are designed to support IT professionals at every level, from novices to experts, helping them get the most out of Microsoft Teams while helping them grow in their field.

While you’re here, take advantage of our publicly available sample IT documents and IT Toolkits, and sample IT resource documents. You may also request a complimentary guest pass to a virtual IT conference or an in-person IT conference — we offer both!

What Our Members Are Saying

Our entire IT staff has access to all NOREX services for a single nominal fee that is a fraction of what an equivalent service from Gartner and others would cost for one seat.”

“I’ve been a NOREX Member with three different organizations because of the value their resources bring to my IT teams.”

“NOREX events are where I discover what  questions others are asking and learn about areas that I haven’t been paying attention to but should be.” 

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