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Informational Security Risk Assessment Report

Conducting an information security risk assessment is a fundamental step in safeguarding your organization’s digital assets and maintaining business continuity. Performing a risk assessment involves identifying, evaluating, and mitigating potential risks to your IT infrastructure and sensitive data from both within and outside your organization. Here’s why a risk assessment is vital: Risk Identification: A risk assessment helps you identify

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IT Incident Response Plan Template

Creating an incident response plan is absolutely crucial in today’s digital landscape where cyber threats and unexpected disruptions are prevalent. An incident response plan is like a fire drill for your IT infrastructure – it ensures that when a crisis occurs, your organization knows how to react swiftly and effectively, minimizing damage and downtime. Key reasons to emphasize the importance

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Disaster Recovery Plan Exercise

As the linchpin of business continuity in the face of unexpected disruption, a well-structured disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a necessity for any enterprise.  A disaster recovery plan allows you to: Minimize Downtime: Disruptions can come in any form you can imagine, including natural disasters, cyberattacks, and hardware failures for starters. Your DRP should outline clear procedures and offer resources

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IT Policy Handbook Template

A robust IT policy handbook is the cornerstone of a well-managed and secure technology infrastructure. It serves as a comprehensive guide for employees and stakeholders, outlining rules, procedures, and best practices that govern the use of IT resources. Here’s why having such a handbook is paramount: Standardization: An IT policy handbook ensures that everyone within an organization is on the

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Business Continuity Planning Template

A business continuity plan (BCP) is vital for ensuring organizational resilience, particularly when it comes to your IT systems. These systems form the backbone of many businesses, managing a host of essential functions like data storage, communication, and core services. NOREX Members have created documents to help their peers quickly build a business continuity plan, like the template featured here:

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IT Roadmap Template

An IT roadmap is a crucial strategic tool in project management, serving as a visual document that outlines the trajectory of IT initiatives, from current operations to long-term goals. Its significance is manifold. Developing one from scratch can be a challenge, and that’s where the NOREX community can help you. They’ve created thousands of documents to help their peers succeed

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MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) Best Practices

Establishing best practices for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is critical in today’s cybersecurity landscape. MFA provides an additional layer of security beyond passwords by requiring users to authenticate their identities using multiple factors such as passwords, biometrics, or security tokens. NOREX members have tackled implementation of secure, yet user-friendly security systems at organizations of every size. As a guest, you can

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IT Vendor Best Practices

Effective vendor management ensures that organizations can maximize the value of their technology investments, mitigate risks, and foster strong partnerships with their vendors. Establishing best practices for vendor management procedures can increase efficiency across your organization. As a NOREX member, you will have access to ready-made IT documents and IT templates and information that can help you streamline your relationship

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RFP Template

A Request For Proposal (also known as a an RFP) is a document used by organizations to solicit services and bids from vendors. An RFP outlines the objectives of the planned project, the services and deliverables required by the organization, and any terms and conditions unique to the project. Vendors will then then analyze the RFP and submit their bids

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Information Security Policy Template

An information security policy is a mission-critical document for any organization with IT resources. This policy outlines the rules and guidelines for protecting the organization’s information and information systems from unauthorized or malicious access, use, disclosure, modification, or destruction. By setting standards, procedures, and guidelines that employees must follow, an information security policy establishes a clear framework to protect the

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