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IT Asset Management

Effective IT Asset Management

Effective IT asset management is a cornerstone of any organization’s IT strategy, that ensures hardware, software, and licenses are efficiently utilized, tracked, and maintained. As the scope of IT assets expands in complexity with the proliferation of Cloud services and BYOD policies, the task of managing these assets becomes increasingly intricate.

IT Asset Management Events

NOREX hosts twice weekly Roundtable 55s, monthly 3-hour Virtual Roundtables, a 5-hour Virtual International Roundtable, and live 3-day International Roundtable. Both virtual and Live Roundtables cover a variety of topics, including IT Asset Management. Whether virtual or live, Roundtable events offer a collaborative, candid “share and learn” discussion format on trending IT topics and issues with professional moderators helping to guide conversation, without vendor interference.

During NOREX events, participants engage in discussion on topics such as:

  • Lifecycle Management: Strategies for managing the entire lifecycle of IT assets, from procurement to decommissioning.
  • Software License Optimization: Techniques for optimizing software licensing to ensure compliance while maximizing ROI.
  • Hardware Asset Tracking: Solutions for tracking physical assets across multiple locations, ensuring accurate inventory management.
  • Cloud Asset Considerations: Approaches for managing virtual assets in the Cloud, including cost management and utilization monitoring.

What the industry is talking about ...

During all of our virtual IT events and in-person IT conferences, we aim to find those technology topics which are most relevant, trending topics. Due to this intent focus to drive the most valuable IT topics we can, we end up touching on some very popular topics such as AI, Microsoft 365, Cloud Strategies, IT Asset Management, and more! Topics are either a top priority topic or a new trending discussion that is on everyone’s list!

Learn more about our featured IT events and topics, and be sure to check back often as we’re releasing more and more from our library of thousands of IT documents!

IT Asset Management Documentation

In addition to our events, the NOREX Resource Library provides members with access to a wide selection of peer-created and reviewed documents that offer guidance on IT asset management. These resources tackle various challenges, including:

  • Policy Development: Crafting robust IT asset management policies to standardize practices across the organization.
  • Audit and Compliance: Preparing for audits with comprehensive asset tracking and reporting processes.
  • Cost Management: Implementing cost-saving measures without compromising on asset performance and availability.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning: Ensuring IT assets are accounted for and protected as part of organizational disaster recovery plans.

NOREX fosters a collaborative environment where IT professionals can discover and share knowledge related to IT asset management, equipping them with the tools they need to manage their IT assets effectively.

While you’re here, take advantage of our publicly available sample IT documents and IT Toolkits, and select IT resource documents. You may also request a complimentary guest pass to a virtual IT conference or an in-person IT conference, we offer both!

What Our Members Are Saying

Our entire IT staff has access to all NOREX services for a single nominal fee that is a fraction of what an equivalent service from Gartner and others would cost for one seat.”

“I’ve been a NOREX Member with three different organizations because of the value their resources bring to my IT teams.”

“NOREX events are where I discover what  questions others are asking and learn about areas that I haven’t been paying attention to but should be.” 

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