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Chief Information Security Officer Conferences That Help You And Your Organization

In today’s rapidly evolving technology world, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for Chief Information Security Officers and other risk management professionals whose role is to protect their enterprise’s critical data. NOREX sets the industry standard for virtual IT conferences and live IT events where CISOs can grow their knowledge base, network with peers, and explore leading-edge cybersecurity solutions. Our unique hybrid approach to CISO conferences includes both live and virtual events, giving you multiple pathways to the industry’s latest breakthroughs along with the flexibility to choose which format works best for you. Not able to make a CISO event at the scheduled time? No problem – easily access transcripts, chat logs, and executive summaries at your own convenience.

We know your time is valuable, which is why CISO events hosted by NOREX are always vendor free. Skip the sales pitches and instead focus on what matters most – learning from the real-world results of others in the field, expanding your expertise through Member presentations and Roundtable discussions, and building relationships with cybersecurity leaders from around the world.

CISO conferences play a critical role in addressing the rapid rate of change in information security, cyber threats, and technology security. Online or in-person, experience for yourself how NOREX’s trusted platform helps CISOs gain an edge through high-value collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Types Of CISO Events Offered By NOREX

What makes NOREX’s events stand out from other CISO conferences? First, because there are ZERO vendors. To encourage candid discussions and greater objectivity among participants, we provide an exclusive environment free of salespeople, completely peer-led, and focused on education and networking. Attend virtually or in person – whatever suits your schedule and needs.

Virtual Events for CISOs

In today’s fast-paced globalized world, virtual IT events have become an essential part of knowledge sharing and networking for CISOs. NOREX virtual CISO conferences offer a range of benefits designed to bring the conference experience to high-level cybersecurity professionals wherever they are. From live-streaming sessions to interactive Q&As, take full advantage of the many benefits of connecting with attendees virtually.

  • Flexibility: CISOs have the flexibility to choose a conference that aligns with their schedules and needs from anywhere in the world.
  • Networking: NOREX hosts a wide community of cybersecurity professionals. Attendees can connect with experienced professionals from the US and Canada from all industries to enrich their perspectives, professional network, and industry trend awareness.
  • Cost-Effective: Virtual IT conferences eliminate the need for travel expenses, which allows organizations to send more team Members to gain valuable insights and knowledge with less cost.
  • Engagement: NOREX is committed to creating high-value virtual conference experiences that enable participants to engage in peer-to-peer discussions, solve problems, and network.

Types Of NOREX Virtual IT Events

  • Virtual Roundtables: multi-topic, once per month, 3 hours. These Virtual IT Event Roundtables offer a comprehensive virtual experience with a structured, in-depth exploration of a variety of topics and often featuring multiple presentations by our Members. The longer duration allows for deeper discussions and more extensive networking.
  • Virtual Roundtable 55s: single-topic, twice a week, 55 minutes. Roundtable 55s are designed to be focused and efficient, allowing CISOs to focus on one subject of interest.
  • Virtual International Roundtable: multi-topic, once a year, 5 hours. NOREX’s Virtual International Roundtable brings together cybersecurity professionals from across the US and Canada, offers diverse perspectives on critical issues, and  international networking. The event typically includes Member presentation, interactive main session, and breakout sessions to create a comprehensive virtual conference experience.

With a NOREX Membership, you get unlimited access to Virtual Roundtable 55s, Virtual Roundtables, and the Virtual International Roundtable.

NOREX Marquee Live IT Event

NOREX’s Annual International Roundtable is our marquee event that includes:

Live CISO Event Experience

NOREX understands the unique value of in-person interactions and offers live CISO event experience in addition to virtual events. Live sessions at the NOREX International Roundtable provide an immersive experience that includes face-to-face networking, in-depth discussions, and breakout sessions.

NOREX’s live technology Roundtable allows Chief Information Security Officers to connect with fellow cybersecurity professionals in person. Participant-driven agendas maintain focus with the help of a moderator. Attendees can take advantage of our highly focused sessions with peers, absent of vendors and sales pitches to ensure maximum engagement and efficiency.

We also provide a dedicated staff to facilitate 1-on-1 networking during and following all of our IT events. With NOREX Membership, you get unlimited access to the live Roundtable for no additional cost.

Benefits Of CISO Conferences

NOREX offers specialized IT conferences designed for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other senior-level professionals who oversee an organization’s information, cyber, and technology security. Our CISO events encompass a wide range of activities carefully curated to enhance the impact participants have within their organization, while also equipping them with proven, peer-tested strategies to manage emergent threats in the world of cybersecurity.

Key aspects of CISO conferences include: ​

A Target Audience

CISO conferences are specifically tailored for Chief Information Security Officers, senior cybersecurity professionals, IT executives, and decision-makers who deal with securing an organization’s data, infrastructure, and assets.

Information Sharing

Our Chief Information Security Officer conferences provide a platform for attendees to exchange information, insights, and experiences related to cybersecurity strategies, technologies, and threat mitigation.

Education And Training

CISO conferences include discussions and presentations that offer educational and training opportunities, helping CISOs enhance their skills and apply their knowledge.

Keynote Speakers

Our seasoned cybersecurity Members serve as presenters, sharing valuable insights on their experience managing emerging threats, risk management, compliance, and other security challenges.

Peer Discussions

Cybersecurity Roundtables bring multiple IT peers together for a structured conversation to delve into a specialized topic and share their different perspectives and experiences.

Case Studies

Chief Information Security Officers share real-world case studies that offer data-driven insights and lessons for how to navigate the security landscape.

Compliance And Regulation Updates

Policy and technology are in a constant interplay, which can be very difficult to keep up with independently. CISO conferences deliver pertinent updates regarding cybersecurity regulations and compliance requirements so that security executives can adeptly align their organizations with these changing standards.

Security Trends And Best Practices

CISO conferences are where cybersecurity Members discuss emerging trends and share best practices in information security, incident response, risk management, and cybersecurity governance.


A central component of CISO conferences is networking, as attendees have the opportunity to connect, build professional relationships, and collaborate with experienced cybersecurity Members, peers, and solution providers.


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CISO Conference FAQs

How do CISO conferences differ from general cybersecurity conferences?

CISO conferences differ from general cybersecurity conferences by specifically catering to the needs of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other high-level security professionals. They focus on leadership aspects of cybersecurity, addressing challenges and solutions at the executive level, while general cybersecurity conferences offer content applicable to a broader audience of security professionals from entry to senior levels. CISO conferences provide a more targeted and in-depth approach applicable to the unique responsibilities and concerns of CISOs in protecting their organizations. These focused IT events also allow security executives to network at their level.

Are CISO conferences suitable for cybersecurity professionals who aren’t in leadership roles?

CISO conferences primarily target leadership roles, but they can still be valuable for non-leadership cybersecurity professionals seeking to learn from our Member’s valuable experiences. However, our general cybersecurity conferences may be more suitable for non-CISO cybersecurity professionals. We offer CIO events as well!

NOREX Hosts IT Events For Cybersecurity Officers In Every Industry

Join NOREX and discover the comprehensive suite of vendor-free CISO events that cater to the diverse needs of cybersecurity professionals across industries.

Whether you prefer virtual IT events for accessibility and efficiency or live IT events for face-to-face interaction, or a combination of the two, our focus on education, networking, and peer-driven discussions makes us the best platform for professionals seeking to stay on top in this high-stakes field.

CISO Conference Topics

The objective of CISO conferences is to provide strategic insights for establishing and enhancing information security practices, thereby preparing organizations to effectively prevent, detect, defend against, and manage the consequences of cyberattacks. NOREX virtual IT conferences and live IT events give CISOs the tools they need to be adaptable leaders in their specialized roles.

 CISO conferences cover a wide range of important topics, such as:

Antivirus Filters & Firewalls

Gain knowledge about new threat detection methods, such as artificial intelligence integration, machine learning, and emerging firewall technologies for better network protection. Learn how these solutions are adapting to Cloud environments, which can be used to make informed decisions in selecting, deploying, and optimizing these critical cybersecurity tools.

Backup / Recovery / Restore

Improve strategies for data backup, offsite storage solutions, and regular testing to ensure data recoverability. Learn how to develop advanced techniques for rapid recovery, business continuity, and Cloud-based backup solutions. Explore the knowledge and tools needed to develop robust data protection strategies that are essential for combating cyberattacks or data breaches.


Gain insights about the strategic and technical aspects of cybersecurity management from an organizational perspective, covering intelligence, compliance, risk management strategies, threat detection, and incident response. Learn how to make informed decisions and strengthen your organization’s defense.


Learn the importance to your organization of integrating security into the entire software development lifecycle, including automation, continuous monitoring, and security testing. Discussions cover secure coding, threat modeling, and identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities. Determine cultural and organizational changes needed to promote collaboration between development and security teams and strengthen how you manage DevSecOps in your organization to enhance security while accelerating development.

Disaster Recovery

Oversee a robust cybersecurity-focused Disaster Recovery strategy that increases resilience in the event of a security breach or data loss. Attend our CISO conferences to fine-tune DR measures and DR plans. Discover offsite storage options, rapid recovery techniques, and Cloud-based DR solutions. Learn how to handle testing, incident response, continuity planning, and minimize downtime and data loss in the event of a disaster or disruption.

Endpoint Security

Delve into threat detection and prevention mechanisms for devices like computers and mobile devices, a critical aspect of overall cybersecurity strategy. Topics include the latest in endpoint protection technologies, strategies for securing remote workforces, and the importance of user behavior analytics. Be made aware of regulatory compliance related to endpoint security and gain insights into managing and automating security updates.

Identity & Access Management

Hear about advanced IAM solutions, multi-factor authentication, and the role of IAM in securing Cloud environments. Discover strategies to prevent unauthorized access, manage privileged identities, and enforce role-based access controls. Member presentations and case studies review compliance with data protection regulations and industry standards. Explore the integration of AI and automation in IAM and the importance of user education and awareness.

Incident Management

Strengthen your response planning, including roles, responsibilities, and communication strategies during a security breach. Learn how to implement effective incident detection and analysis and use threat intelligence to identify and respond to cyber threats. Case studies and best-practices sharing will show you how to manage incidents, coordinate with legal and regulatory bodies, and minimize damage. Explore incident recovery strategies and post-incident reviews for continuous improvement.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Deepen your understanding of Multi-Factor Authentication by learning about the latest MFA technologies, user experience considerations, implementation best practices, regulatory compliance, biometrics, and mobile-based MFA.

Patch Management

Effective Patch Management strategies emphasize the importance of timely updates. Discussions cover automating patch deployment, prioritizing critical vulnerabilities, and managing the challenges of diverse IT environments.

Risk & Vulnerability Management

Be able to identify, assess, and prioritize vulnerabilities, and explore the integration of threat intelligence, risk quantification, and continuous monitoring. Presentations and case studies provide practical insights into remediation strategies and building a risk-aware culture within the organization.

Security Frameworks

Delve into Security Frameworks for comprehensive cybersecurity, including standards like NIST, ISO 27001, and CIS. Navigate framework selection, implementation, and alignment with regulatory requirements. Gain information on auditing and compliance practices within the context of these frameworks.

Why Attend NOREX CISO Conferences?

Exposure To New Ideas And Methodologies

Member presentations and deeply experienced peers present emerging industry trends at CISO conferences, and because NOREX IT events are vendor-free, you have access to a wealth of information without extra fluff or distractions.

Case studies and real-world experiences offer practical examples of successful approaches from peers. These experiences enable you as a CISO to stay informed about developments in cybersecurity and help you to evaluate and potentially implement new methodologies to enhance your organization’s security.

Insights From Fellow CISOs

By attending a CISO conference, you will gain invaluable peer insights such as threat intelligence and innovative solutions sharing, which can inform your risk assessment plans and broaden your perspective to make more insight-driven decisions.

Interacting with fellow CISOs gives you the opportunity to learn directly about successful strategies and emerging threats faced by people in the same role as you across many industries and regions. Understanding the diversity of challenges experienced by other cybersecurity leaders will better prepare you for challenges your own organization may face.

Networking And Business Opportunities

Explore opportunities for mutually beneficial alliances in the cybersecurity space when you network with peers at your level, in person or online, at NOREX CISO conferences. Build long-lasting relationships with top-level cybersecurity professionals, pursue high-value partnership opportunities, and expand your network globally. 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the security ecosystem by staying on top of the latest trends in threat intelligence, incident response, and innovative security solutions.


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