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NOREX stands as a lone resource dedicated to leveraging the expertise of thousands of experienced IT professionals as an advantage against the vendor-driven resources that flood the IT market today. NOREX members count on our ability to connect them with member organizations that will provide candid dialog about the performance and ROI of specific products, services and processes.


Our company has been doing a considerable amount of due diligence to select a new Service Desk software system.  By far the most valuable aspect of this process was the opportunity to talk to two separate and diverse NOREX members about their experience with one of the candidate solutions.   The value generated by these interactions, compared to the costs of making a mistake on the software selection, are considerably greater than our annual NOREX membership cost. Nige Wingate - Mortenson Construction, MN 

Regardless of the businesses and markets we serve, all of us in IT have a tremendous amount to learn, and we can leverage a great deal from other IT professionals and organizations. Most times I find that 80% of what I need for a new job write-up procedure, or other document is easily available from NOREX as a template. This saves time and allows us to benefit from lessons learned. Raj Rawal - The Fresh Diet, FL

We received several tips about several projects we are currently working on. Very valuable information, and we anticipate payback several times over the cost of our membership. Joe Lutterman - Wenger Corporation, MN

NOREX truly embodies the spirit of cooperation between very diverse companies. It brings together the expertise and knowledge of IT professionals at all levels and in all industries and provides the conduit for that expertise to be shared among the members. NOREX is a very valuable resource. Camille Bane, C.P.M. - GROWMARK, Inc., IL

Great source of information that is never slanted or colored. John Ferro - Risk Enterprise Management, NJ

The WebForums are just one of the many benefits NOREX membership provides. Being able to connect directly with members, ask questions, in real-time and gain clarity provides a competitive advantage to my teams. Direct member follow up to calls is also great since issues impacting only a few members keeps the call moving while we gain depth later. Randy Cairns - American Republic Insurance, IA