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NOREX stands as a lone resource dedicated to leveraging the expertise of thousands of experienced IT professionals as an advantage against the vendor-driven resources that flood the IT market today. NOREX members count on our ability to connect them with member organizations that will provide candid dialog about the performance and ROI of specific products, services and processes.

NOREX Pledge

To Members/Customers:

Total member/customer satisfaction is the reason we exist, and we go the "extra mile" on their behalf. All of our energy and enthusiasm is focused on exceeding expectations.

To Vendors:

Vendor appreciation and fairness is critical to a predictable future for our vendors and NOREX. We pay vendor bills before they are due. We do not "vendor hop". Instead, we value long-term relationships of loyalty and service. 

To Team Members:

A stable family-friendly environment is a critical element of our present and future success. Employment fairness and stability outrank profit as our primary goal. Adequate profit (not maximum) will result. Financial performance will vary from quarter to quarter and year to year. It is the obligation of management/ownership to "flex" as required to achieve maximum employment security.

To Country and Community:

We are deeply thankful to our country and community for fostering an environment where NOREX can thrive. We show our appreciation through positive involvement in the community and annual charitable giving of over 5% of profits before tax.