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NOREX News section will be updated frequently with member alerts, news releases, helpful links, event notices, member gold nuggets, resource additions and helpful community building information. If it's new, you will find it here.

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New Article posted: (04/11/16)

Creating an effective Business Intelligence program involves making the leap from historical reporting and diagnostic analysis to predictive analysis and prescriptive suggestions.  During a recent BI WebForum, members shared strategies to reach that level of analytical maturity. Read more
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New Article posted: (03/15/16)

Disaster Recovery is always a hot topic among NOREX members. During a recent DR WebForum, members shared advice on the creation of a DR plan, with many recommending that a Business Impact Analysis is critical.  Read more
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New Article posted: (02/24/16)

If you are wondering how your organization compares to others on the evaluation and implementation of technologies, such as Business Intelligence, Big Data, Cyber security tools, ITSM solutions, Unified Communications, etc., a recent poll of NOREX members provides some answers. Read more
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New Article posted: (01/29/16)

What is the best path for deployment of Windows 10?  That’s a question that members addressed during the recent Win 10 Security & GPO issues WebForum.  Read more
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New Article posted: (01/05/16)

A growing NOREX membership means more valuable experiences and solutions to share.  Here is a message written by a NOREX member recommending the service to a colleague at a non-member organization. Feel free to use as a template with anyone you think might benefit from joining the group! Read more
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New Article posted: (12/22/15)

As NOREX member organizations focus heavily on security, many are considering the adoption of a managed IT Security approach. Participants during a recent IDS/IPS WebForum shared experiences several of the market leaders in this space Read more
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New Article posted: (12/07/15)

If your organization is considering moving to MS Office 365, be prepared to deal with some complicated licensing choices. During a recent WebForum, members discussed the pros and cons of the various enterprise license options.  Read more
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New Article posted: (11/19/15)

As members prepare to migrate to the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft's announcement that all new computers purchased after November 1, 2016 must run Windows 10 without downgrade rights was a surprise to many.   Read more
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New Article posted: (11/06/15)

We are starting to hear more about something called hyper-convergence of storage, networks and servers during our NOREX events.  Members shared experiences with several vendor hyper-converged solutions during a recent WebForum. Read more
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New Article posted: (10/29/15)

A key measure of end-user satisfaction in any organization is an effective Help Desk.  During a recent WebForum members shared approaches used to maximize Help Desk performance. Here is a summary of the session. Read more