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The adoption of Software Defined Networking and Software Defined Data Centers is getting some traction among NOREX members, according to discussion during a recent SDN/SDDC WebForum.

The term “software defined” has become one of the biggest industry buzzwords since cloud computing, and one of the most confusing. It simply means that software is used to control the provisioning of network devices and the configuration of a data center’s  infrastructure elements.  The WebForum focused on the reasons for adopting a software defined approach, the actual experiences of those who have implemented the technology and the challenges facing organizations moving in this direction. In the past year or so SDN seems to have moved from being “embryonic” to “emerging” since we are starting to see some members implement the technology while many others are planning for implementation.

What is driving SDN/SDDC?

Joe P.:  “SDN benefits include enhanced security, reduced network congestion due to policy-based route optimization, improved provisioning/restructuring due to automated orchestration. The anticipated ROI is based partially on operational efficiency and accelerated delivery. There is less expectation for a reduction in physical resources, at least initially, but rather an optimization of existing resources that allow for reductions in planned physical infrastructure expansion over time.”

Miro Z.:  “Security is a large driver of SDN for us. The ability to segregate networks without having to implement physical solutions is a godsend.”

Heidi B.:  “SDN allows you to have a secure network with using commodity internet which can be less expensive than MPLS.”

Ray D.:  “Reducing cost and improving remote site performance.”

James P.:  “A Pro to SDDC is you can scale up and down depending on business requirements.  It can match your cycles better.”

The session also included implementation tips and tool recommendations.  Members may download the Software Defined Network & Software Defined Data Center notes any time. For more information, please contact NOREX.