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If you are considering the usage of Office365 for a development environment, here are two options from Microsoft that were recently provided by a NOREX member.

Two options
Option 1:

  • Get a Trail tenant for 30 day, if you want a tenant for more than 30 days you could always purchase licenses inside admin portal of that Trial Tenant. 

Option 2:

  • Process to get Production Tenant

When a customer gets a EA with Online Services (O365) customer administratorgets a email from MSFT online Services Portal link, when they login into theVLSC site they will see two options:
a)            Sign-UP
b)            Sign-IN

                i.  Click on Sign-In if youalready have a Tenant created that you want to attach to your EA.
                ii. Click the Sign-up link ifyou want to create a tenant.

Do note with every EA, you get one tenant.

  • Process to attach a secondary tenant to your EA:

If you require additional tenantfor QA/Test or legitimate business purposes ( for sister companies attached insingle EA). You could create additional tenant using the trail link and sendemail to your Microsoft account manager and your Licensing Software vendor(LAR) stating to attach that trail tenant to your EA as secondary tenant andinform how many licenses should be shifted from production tenant to secondarytenant.

Creation of Tenants:

What is a Tenant?
All Microsoft Online services such as (Exchange online, SharePoint online,Skype for Business online, Project Online or CRM online) when hosted by MSFTare hosted a multi-tenant service. To recognize a service(s) specific to acustomer we use the terminology called Tenant which is a logical name, once youcreate a tenant you can register real domain names (FQDN) and use those domainnames for authentication or email address.

We can always convert trail tenant to be a production tenant later and if youwish to perform this task be careful with the naming convention of the tenant.

  • During the registration process you will be asked for a field called Tenant name which will Look like
  • Tenant name really does have restrictions around Email (Exchange Online).
  • Do note: When a tenant name is generated you want to be careful with the naming convention of Tenant name as that naming convention will reflect in SharePoint (Only SharePoint/onedrive, because of the way the certificates are generated behind the scenes). Let me Explain: If your tenant name is, then your OneDrive/SharePoint sites will start with