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If your organizations hasn’t already done so, the migration to Windows 10 is no doubt on your radar.  A recent WebForum focused on several key considerations including the usage of Group Policy to manage updates, what Windows 10 features to disable and whether the Edge browser is “ready for prime time”. 

Windows 10 migration
The migration to Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system seems to be progressing fairly rapidly within the membership, with the majority of WebForum participants either partially done or in currently in preparation for the move.  Microsoft support for Windows 7 ends in the year 2020, with support for Windows 8 will continue until at least 2023.  Only one participant indicated they are using Windows 8.

Disabling features

Windows 10 includes many features that members want to disable. Although there are some concerns about security and privacy, the primary reason for turning off features seems to have more to do with bandwidth usage and system bloat. Much of the session focused on the various tools and procedures used to manage the various features. Many helpful links were suggested and will be included in the transcript. 

Involved the Edge internet browser that comes with Windows 10.  Even thought the majority have not disabled Edge, the consensus is that it is not yet “ready for prime time” because of incompatibility with many applications.  They are simply not using it.

Gold Nuggets
End of Support for Windows 7 and 8 and 8.1
Dialog on Microsoft Edge
Misc items -- Applocker link
The PS command to remove provisioned apps globally
The fact that our Desktop Support Team will have to work closely with our Infrastructure group to control the deployment of Windows 10 in our environment.  So much can be done via Group Policy, but our Desktop Support Team is limited in what we can do GP wise.
Information on how to force updates. GPO was my go to but I learned a decent amount about other third party applications that will work as well.
A couple of Group Policy Locations and a Powershell command to make them work.
Disable windows app store and replace with private store with limited apps
I enjoyed the conversations about ways to disable/set certain features for Windows 10 via GPOs or PowerShell.
I liked that my more general question about revamping GPOs in an organization was included, though it was not necessarily specific to Windows 10. I think there could be a whole call about GPO best practices, restructuring, how to test new settings when PCs often hang onto the old settings in the registry after GPOs are de-linked from their OUs, etc.
Group Policy related setting for the removal of the Edge tab

Members may download the Managing Windows 10 Features notes any time. For more information, please contact NOREX.