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What features of SharePoint 2010 are readily accepted and offer immediate impact to users?

Moderator: Patrick is asking, what features are being focused on? Is there something specific that you are looking for?

Patrick P.: No, just generally were there any new 2010 features that people found that were readily accepted and offered immediate impact to users

Moderator: What features are people focusing on? Steven has chatted "Workflow."

Valerie R.: I am not one of the programmers, but one of the things my developers really like is the added functionality built into Visual Studio for the SharePoint framework. It really makes setting up security by Active Directory groups much easier than it used to be in SharePoint 2007. Also, the workflow is a little bit easier to work with, and the whole UI has become very simple for the programmers. So we are able to spin up sites and make changes more quickly. Actually, when we are looking at redoing our external website, our graphics department wanted some kind of complex features with some graphics and rolling graphics and menus moving all over the place, which we did not really care for, but it has been really easy to find stuff online that we can kind of copy down and insert.  It is a much easier to interface framework in 2010, so that plugging in some .NET code in places is easier than it used to be. I do not know how else to describe that. I hope that is understandable.

Mary H.: A nice feature in 2010 is the fact that workflows are now reusable, so that you can create a workflow and you do not have to build the next one from scratch. If it is going to be similar, you just take an existing workflow, and you can customize that one, reuse it and save it as a new, which I think will save time in the long run.

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