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Identity Access Management (IAM)  is the security and business discipline that "enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons."  Authentication is the act of confirming the truth of an attribute of a single piece of data claimed true by an entity.

In a recent NOREX WebForum on this topic, members exchanged solutions and best practice on different aspects of this challenge. 

Responses that ranged from 24 hours to two weeks were the defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) to setup new employees' IT access. HRIS systems were often considered the single source of truth in system access/requirements. This conversation moved to temporary employees and consultants. While some members do not have this defined within HR, others did. One member suggestion, “We on-board our contingent workers/contractors via our HR system flagged as a contingent worker.  Historically, we used to create them natively within our IDM system and managed them with expiration dates and had managers confirm they were still active on a recurring basis.”

A Role Management process was identified as a great way to effectively distribute the appropriate access to employees. While it can be extensive to set up, it is impactful when completed.

Many automated password reset solutions were mentioned. Some of these products included more functionality  - like multifactor authentication. Products shared were AD, Microsoft Identity Manager; Thycotics (with average satisfaction); Tools4Ever; Avatier Password Station; ForeFront Identity Manager SSPR; NetIQ Self-Service Password Reset; ManageEngine (used by several); Portalguard; SecureAuth (not satisfied); Courion (poor but improving when became Fischer International); and Sailpoint Identity Now password module. Sailpoint was mentioned by three with one very satisfied.  

A significant highlight was polling the 50+ participants on the new NIST Password Standards The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is well recognized by NOREX member organizations for security guidelines/frameworks.  A member generated list of questions was converted to polls to provide peer feedback on member plans to adopt all or portions of the recently introduced password standards. 

An additional poll (not generated by NIST Standards) reported many members using Multi Factor Authentication.

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