Enterprise Architect Job Description

When an organization reaches a certain size, an enterprise architect becomes a key hire. An enterprise architect is responsible for the design and maintenance of an organization’s technology and business processes. By working with stakeholders across an organization, they are able to provide guidance on technology standards, best practices, and emerging trends. An enterprise architect is more than a technical hire: they need to be able to clearly communicate their findings and strategies across your organization. 

If you’re looking for a well-rounded problem solver that is the right person for the job, then this enterprise architect job description from the NOREX Resource Library can help. 

This template from the NOREX Resource Library contains the following key sections for this job description: 

  • Key Responsibilities of the enterprise architect 
  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities required of the applicant 
  • Education and experience desired by the job poster 

In addition to these points, this job description template also makes it easy to better tailor the individual bullet points to match your organization’s needs. To access this and the 2500+ other documents in our library, join NOREX today

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