Acceptable Use Policy Template

An Acceptable Use Policy (also known as an AUP) is a set of guidelines that allow an organization to dictate appropriate use of a computer network or system. It outlines what is and is not acceptable behavior on the part of the users who have access. This is a very important document for organizations reliant on IT because it helps to protect the organization and its assets by setting clear expectations for the people using the network or equipment. Creating a document that’s this important can be a challenge, and that’s why NOREX <embers have shared thousands of documents and templates like this — to make the jobs of IT professionals and human resources department easier.

A properly drafted acceptable use policy helps prevent inappropriate, illegal, or unauthorized use of an organizations IT assets. It can also help mitigate the risks of cyber attacks and other security threats by promoting good security practices and user behavior. An AUP can also help an organization comply with regulatory requirements that cover issues such as data privacy and security. It can also be used to enforce disciplinary actions when a user violates the policy.

As you can tell, this a key tool for the modern organization, and you can draft one more quickly with this customizable Acceptable Use Policy template. To access this and the 2500+ other documents in our Resource Library, join NOREX today!  

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