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What does the membership fee cover?

Unlimited participation in weekly Webforums, local Luncheons, regional Roundtables, and the International Roundtable.
Unlimited access to our repository of templates, toolkits, poll results, and transcripts.
Full access to the Direct Connect online community to post questions and review responses from other NOREX members.
A dedicated Information Manager who will coordinate project specific networking with NOREX members on your behalf.

Who has access?

All authorized users on your team.

How is the service accessed?

Online resources are available 24-7. Information Managers can be reached during normal business hours.

What are the obligations of membership?

All members are encouraged to participate and contribute when possible, but there are no minimum requirements.

Will I get calls and email from other members?

Only with your express permission.

Will NOREX sell our name and profile information to vendors?

Absolutely not. Information given to NOREX is held in strict confidence.

How does NOREX differ from analyst groups and consultants?

NOREX connects members with fellow IT professionals to facilitate practical and solution focused information sharing. Real-world insight, wisdom, and examples offered by NOREX members provide an alternative to analyst and consultant perspectives often influenced by marketing hype.

Will my team use the resource?

NOREX partners with you to engage your team. We start with an implementation meeting to introduce our resources and each of your team members will complete an individual profile outlining topics of interest and responsibilities. Content will be delivered to each team member based on their profile.

Notifications are posted when new information is available for review or events are open for registration. Of course, we have an outstanding search engine to retrieve documentation as needed, and team members can receive e-mails according to self-selected frequency.

We keep you posted on your team’s use of the NOREX resources throughout your membership term. Our team will provide training for new team members and help each team member maximize the benefits of the membership.

How can we sample NOREX resources?

Review posted sample documents for examples of member shared content.
We also invite you to participate in a Webforum or Roundtable. Take a look at our current schedule for events of interest.

How do we become members or sample the NOREX resources?

Contact NOREX to become a member today!