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NOREX stands as a lone resource dedicated to leveraging the expertise of thousands of experienced IT professionals as an advantage against the vendor-driven resources that flood the IT market today. NOREX members count on our ability to connect them with member organizations that will provide candid dialog about the performance and ROI of specific products, services and processes.


What does the membership fee cover?
• Unlimited access to all of the NOREX Resources: IT Document Repository, dedicated Information Team, NOREX direct connect, WebForums, Roundtables & Equipment Resources. There are no extra charges, per user, per document or per hour.

Who has access?
• All IT personnel at your membership site(s).

How is the service accessed?
• Online resources are available 24-7. The Information Team can be reached during normal business hours.

What are the obligations of membership?
• All members are encouraged to participate and contribute when possible but there are no minimum requirements.

Will I get calls and email from other members?
• Only with your expressed permission. Our Information Team disseminates requests to minimize the burden upon any single member. Should you no longer wish to receive email from NOREX, you may unsubscribe by emailing

Will NOREX sell our name and profile information to vendors?
• Absolutely NOT! All information given to NOREX is held in strict confidence.

How does NOREX differ from Analyst groups and consultants?
• NOREX connects members with fellow IT professionals, not analysts. The collaboration takes on a practical perspective with no forecasts or probabilities. Our information is often used to supplement analytical resources with real-world insight from peers.

Will my team use the resource?
• Our team partners with you to engage your team. We start with a rollout meeting with your staff and maintain contact throughout the term of your membership to direct resources to your expressed needs. Usage reports are available upon request.

How can we sample NOREX resources?
• We encourage you to download the samples on this site and invite you to try a WebForum or a Roundtable. We also invite you to discuss benefits of membership with present NOREX members.

How do we become members?
Contact NOREX to become a member today!