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Columbus Roundtable

Orange calendar 02.05.2020 at 8:30 AM EST
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Event location

Columbus, Ohio

Hyatt Regency Columbus
350 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
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Dawn Nichols
Senior Business Development Manager


Roundtable topics are submitted by participants and commonly include:

Emerging Technologies

IT Modernization



Cloud Computing

Project Management



Backup and Recovery

Remote Access

Mobile Technology

About the event

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The NOREX Columbus Roundtable will be held on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Columbus. Please join us for a powerful day of information sharing! 

Columbus, Ohio

Orange calendar 02.05.2020




Check-in / Continental Breakfast


Roundtable begins - Topic Discussion


Lunch provided by NOREX


Roundtable resumes - Topic Discussion


Roundtable adjourns

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Who should attend the Roundtable?

Key IT employees, including project leaders, managers, directors, VPs, etc.

Why should you or your staff be there?

This is your opportunity to compare best practices and find out how others have handled your current challenges. Remember, there is NO CHARGE for attending.

What happens at the Roundtables?

Members submit topics of interest and receive honest feedback from other members in a relaxed, vendor-free environment. Contact your NOREX representative for example topics from previous roundtable meetings.


What Members Say

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Blue quotes
NOREX has never failed me when I asked for help. One of the best things that we have going for us is having NOREX as a right had support. Thank you Kevin for having us be members of NOREX. - EH
Blue quotes
Good way to find networking contacts, product recommendations, solutions to common problems, real world advice, and experiences from the field. - AS
Blue quotes
Very worth my time, I gained a lot of information on topics that I wasn’t familiar with. - JK
Blue quotes
1st time attendee, I liked the free flowing volunteer of information. The facilitation of topics flow quickly. - JS
Blue quotes
Always a great event! I really enjoy this being a networking & sharing event without vendors. It is super beneficial to learn from each other & make new connections. - RM
Blue quotes
Always solid value and time well spent. - BS
Blue quotes
Really enjoy the interactive format. A much better investment than consultants. - JM
Blue quotes
Topics are very 'on-track' with the technologies we’re using or considering. - PT
Blue quotes
Enjoyed the session, tons of insight from seasoned professionals. - JK
Blue quotes
Fantastic, fast-paced discussion to get feedback & experiences from other companies. - AH
Blue quotes
This is my first roundtable and I found it to be very open minded, welcoming, and a great place to share ideas with great individuals. - CX
Blue quotes
Informative & educational to learn from others experiences in a sales pitch free environment. - AB
Blue quotes
Gets better each year. - SF
Blue quotes
A very wide group of knowledge and participation led to some fantastic ideas, discussion, and insight. - TT
Blue quotes
Loved the session today, seemed to have a lot of relevant content. - MW
Blue quotes
This was my first time participating at a NOREX roundtable. I gained a ton of good information and resources. - RP
Blue quotes
It’s great to have so much input on pertinent topics. My team is small so it makes my team effectively bigger. - BB
Blue quotes
This was the most useful user group meeting I’ve ever been to. - SY
Blue quotes
This was fantastic. Super collaborative and very timely topics. - JM
Blue quotes
Best session I’ve attended yet. - ES
Blue quotes
Good session, this is my first time attending, it was very informative and helpful. - JR
Blue quotes
I really enjoyed the event and found the format fantastic. - JW
Blue quotes
Great discussion all around. Smart people willing to share. - PB
Blue quotes
Great experience. 1st time and I loved it!! - N/A
Blue quotes
Really good, loved that no vendors are involved. - JP
Blue quotes
Workshop with peers and without vendors is much more useful than a conference. - RC
Blue quotes
Good meeting, very diverse group of people and issues. - PI
Blue quotes
This was my first roundtable meeting. This has provided valuable information. The meeting was well planned and executed. - CH
Blue quotes
Good session. Always lots to take back with you. - JM
Blue quotes
Really well focused. - MB

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