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EVENT DATE : September 22, 2022
ServiceNow (NV2429)
Reasons to select ServiceNow and moving from other toolsets; pros / cons with implementing ServiceNow; utilizing customizations within ServiceNow and experiences with customizations during system upgrades; time to implement ServiceNow; staffing m...
EVENT DATE : December 8, 2022
IT Service Management (NV2437)
Adopting a formal ITSM practice; ITIL v3 and v4; other frameworks used; what works well vs what does not; tools utilized; integrating Microsoft Teams with Service Management Software tools; self-service knowledge management tools; implementing a ...
EVENT DATE : January 17, 2023
Security Initiatives for 2023 (NV2440)
Quantifying cyber risk to justify investment or avoid spend; implementing a Zero Trust framework and with what vendors; changes to security environment to accommodate clients / customers sending questionnaires about security posture; MDR service ...
EVENT DATE : January 31, 2023
Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity (NV2443)
Practicing / simulating DR and on what schedule; process to determine critical systems for restoration; DR strategy moving from onprem to Cloud; separating backups from production to protect against ransomware events; steps to review suitability ...
EVENT DATE : March 23, 2023
Project Management (NV2451)
Leadership buy-in to form an infrastructure PM team; applications in use to track project deliverables and progress; tools utilized for project management; scheduling time for projects daily and across a calendar year; pros and cons of using Micr...
EVENT DATE : October 20, 2022
Unified Communication strategy; operationalizing the rapid changes in M365; use cases for a Team vs a Channel; the Wiki app to provide a knowledge base of articles; integrating Records Retention Schedule (RRS) into MS Teams / SharePoint / OneDriv...
EVENT DATE : January 5, 2023
Change Management (NV2439)
Frequency to allow changes; strategy used to define change windows; intake and prioritization of change requests; Change Advisory Board (CAB); change management toolsets; integrating automated configuration change technologies to catch unauthoriz...
EVENT DATE : January 24, 2023
Enterprise Architecture (NS237)
Top priorities for your Enterprise Architecture team in 2023; recommendations on maturing a “new” EA team; EA team as centralized, decentralized or a hybrid of both; EA groups providing value to Agile development groups; effective training method...
EVENT DATE : March 16, 2023
Enterprise Architecture (NV2450)
Enterprise Architecture maturity; where the Enterprise Architecture team exists in the organization; governance roles and processes EA owns; executive sponsorship of the EA team; introducing EA with a slow approach; an agile approach to defining ...
EVENT DATE : April 7, 2022
Data Governance (NV2413)
Support and ownership of Data Governance in an organization, explaining the value of a Data Governance program, steps to start a program, finding success launching Data Governance in 1 discipline, how a Data Governance model impacts the end-user ...

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