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NOREX IT Roundtable 55: Data Management (Virtual)

NOREX Virtual Roundtable 55: Effective Data Management is essential for providing analytical information to help drive strategic planning and operational decision-making. Join fellow IT professionals in this session to dis...

EVENT DATE : October 5, 2022
Project Management / PMO

IT Project Managers know that planning is as important as executing. They discuss project management approaches, methodologies, training, collaboration between project managers and scrum masters, project lifecycle, and mor...

EVENT DATE : December 2, 2021
Hosted ERP Solutions

IT leaders discuss balancing company operations and processes with the right ERP solution. Vendors, decision drivers, lessons learned, and more.

EVENT DATE : July 28, 2022
NOREX Select IT Roundtable 55: Agile / DevOps

NOREX Select IT Roundtable 55: When used together, DevOps and Agile is often the best approach to streamline the development process and maintenance of software. IT professionals from enterprise-level orga...

EVENT DATE : August 24, 2022
NOREX IT Roundtable: Microsoft Teams

Members discussed promoting adoption and usage of the platform, recommendations for ongoing adminstration, developing training content, best practices and more. We also discussed tools and best practices to enhance Teams s...

EVENT DATE : July 12, 2022
Risk & Vulnerability Management

Members discussed conducting a formal vulnerability assessment; prioritizing which aspects of Risk / Vulnerability Management to be managed internally vs contracted out to a MSS vendor; reporting to executives / applicatio...

EVENT DATE : May 24, 2022
Select: DevSecOps

Members from Fortune / Forbes 1000 organizations discussed building a DevSecOps culture, advantages of using DevSecOps for governance over Enterprise Architecture, experiences with contract companies that offer onboarding ...

EVENT DATE : May 19, 2022
Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Members discussed organizational roles, responsibilities, and accountability for DR / BC; defined standards; having DR and BC sites on-prem, Cloud, or colocation; DRaaS vendors; backup solutions such as VEEAM, Acronis, and...

EVENT DATE : May 3, 2022
Healthcare Industry IT Issues

Members discussed driving system utilization to improve operational efficiencies, effect of technology deployment on staff and workflows, leveraging Cloud technology, Cloud-hosted for EMRs, separate EMRs for hospitals and ...

EVENT DATE : April 28, 2022
Select: Vendor Management

Members discussed how hybrid work has impacted Antivirus or Firewall strategy, moving from SonicWall to FortiGate for Firewalls, the effectiveness of O365 ATP & Azure ATP, anomaly / AI / ML tools to augment endpoint an...

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