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Connecting directly with your peers has never been easier. This dynamic online community of project-oriented IT professionals connects your staff with similarly-tasked members. Initiate or join conversations of your choice as members post and share behind a secured log-in. Gaining actionable project insight and perspectives from multiple sources is your tactical edge.

  • Who has access to NOREX direct connect? All NOREX members have access. A completed Individual Profile and a NOREX direct connect Username is required.
  • Why would I Bookmark a Topic? Simply click on "Bookmark Topic", and now this topic thread is saved to your "My Library". This makes it very easy for you to return to that topic and learn what others have shared.    
  • How do I remove a bookmarked Topic? Within "My Library", simply choose "X" to remove one topic, or "Remove All" to remove all topics bookmarked.
  • What does Notify Me mean? If you wish to receive email notification on a specific topic, you can choose "Notify Me" to be alerted via email when a comment is posted. Simply choose "Don’t Notify Me" to quit following the topic.
  • How can I receive email notifications when a new Topic is posted within the individual categories? Within your Individual Profile, you can choose to "Sign up for Email Notifications" on all Topics posted within any of the Categories you have identified. Unchecking the box will stop further notifications
  • Where did the Networking form go? The Networking form is still available, and there is a link to it on all direct connect pages, just under the search bar. You can also access it here:
  • How do I opt-out of category email notifications? Go to your Individual Profile and uncheck 'Sign up for Email Notifications'.
  • What constitutes High Expertise? This is an individual judgment call. Members with considerable "experience" in the specific topic are encouraged to select High Expertise
  • How do I connect with someone one-on-one? You can always reach out to our Information Team and we will be happy to set up any networking opportunities for you.         
  • How do I delete or edit a topic I created? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you. 
  • How do I narrow down search results?  To refine your search, use quotations around key words. For example, use "Web Security" instead of Web Security.
  • Why do topics get closed? NOREX is moderating discussions posted by NOREX staff on behalf of members. Once the topic has been answered or has had no activity for 4 weeks, we close it. This is done in an effort to keep content fresh and current.