RFP Template

A Request For Proposal (also known as a an RFP) is a document used by organizations to solicit services and bids from vendors. An RFP outlines the objectives of the planned project, the services and deliverables required by the organization, and any terms and conditions unique to the project. Vendors will then then analyze the RFP and submit their bids accordingly.

A well-written RFP can ensure that only the most qualified are among those who create a proposal for a project. Upfront transparency in the selection process, when combined with clear expectations can help both parties avoid misunderstandings and potential disappointment.

To help you create your RFPs more quickly, this template from the NOREX library features:

  • An example introductory letter to invite proposals
  • Project background and requirements
  • Project needs and puposes
  • Statement of work
  • Space for estimated timelines
  • Criteria for project evaluation
  • Proposal formatting guidelines
  • Proposal review checklist

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